Carbon and energy

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Our vision:

To be recognised as a leading force in the delivery of a low carbon environment


Maximise energy and carbon efficiencies; deliver products with lower embodied carbon; support and meet national and European carbon reduction targets

Action plan:

Maintain ISO 50001 certification and improve energy efficiency and carbon reduction of our production plants and offices; increase the use of renewable energy and waste as fuel; reduce CO2e emissions from transport by extending our in-house fleet to gain greater control and optimise distribution.

2020 target:

Reduce carbon emissions by 10 per cent and energy use by five per cent per tonne of product based on 2010 baseline; 35 per cent use of biofuel in cement by 2020; reduce transport emissions by five per cent per tonne based on 2010 baseline.

Energy efficiency

Total energy consumption fell slightly during the year, and there was a 1.2 per cent fall in energy use per tonne of product. Read more

Waste as fuel

Use of alternative fuels in our cement kilns dropped principally due to an incident early in the year when the main stack at our Ketton works in Rutland was blown down in a storm, causing damage to the kiln by-pass system, which cleans the exhaust gases. Read more

CO2e emissions from production

Emissions of CO2e per tonne of product were broadly flat, but there were notable variances across the product lines. Read more

CO2e emissions from transport

CO2e emissions from transport on a per tonne basis fell slightly during the year. Read more

Tridem concrete mixer truck.

Around a quarter of the Hanson delivery fleet will be replaced over the next 12-18 months with new trucks featuring improved fuel economy, lower emissions and higher payload.