People and communities

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Our vision:

Zero harm in the workplace, compliance with all legislation and a positive impact on communities around our sites through effective partnerships and dialogue.


Ensure health and safety remains our number one priority; develop behavioural safety and an inter-dependent workforce; develop the skills of our workforce; make a positive contribution to the communities around our operations; reduce environmental incidents and emissions.

Action plan:

Focus on competence, compliance and communications; ensure hazard and risk assessments are carried out for every task; set targets to increase safety conversations and near hit reporting and continue with one-to-one safety discussions with all employees; host and facilitate regular engagement meetings with community groups and develop community engagement plans; report and act on environmental incidents and emissions.

2020 targets:

Zero harm; five community events a year at every quarry; meet the targets set in the Mineral Products Association’s ‘Safer by Competence’ programme by 2017; reduce valid neighbour complaints year on year; 10 per cent year-on-year reduction in complaints based on 2010 figures

Health, safety and well being

Our safety performance in 2016 was disappointing. The total number of lost time injuries (LTIs) remained static at 21 and the employee LTI frequency rate of injuries per one million hours worked, which has been adopted as a standard industry indicator, rose from 1.74 to 1.84. Read more

Employment and skillsThe number of jobs provided at January 1, 2017 was 3,535, an increase of 54 on the prior year. This figure includes our subsidiary Hanson Ship Management and current vacancies. Read more

Local community

Many of our larger sites operate liaison committees attended by councillors, council officers and residents’ representatives. Read more

Environmental incidents and emissions

As part of our management systems we record incidents (occurrences noted by our own staff which may or may not have led to a complaint) and complaints (arising from external sources). Read more

Participants of the Graduate and LEAD programmes.

Nineteen potential future leaders were taken on in 2016 through a newly launched graduate scheme and the latest intake for our well-established Leadership, Education and Development (LEAD) higher apprenticeship programme.

Talent teams in charity drive.

An 11-strong team of future leaders carried out three volunteer projects over the summer as part of their development training.