Energy efficiency

Total energy consumption fell slightly during the year, and there was a 1.2 per cent fall in energy use per tonne of product. The addition of recycled asphalt planings into new asphalt mixes, which requires higher mixing temperatures, had a negative effect, but was offset by the effects of energy-saving initiatives.

We are still behind the 2010 figure in terms of kilowatt hours per tonne but when the 2016 data is normalised to the same product mix, the number is slightly better.

We continue to invest in new technology and to embed energy awareness into the business. We run continuous improvement programmes and encourage employees to enter good ideas into our opportunities database or share them through the sustainability matters working groups.

Chart - Energy consumption.
Energy consumption
Energy consumption
2010 (baseline)
% change since 2010
% change since 2015
Energy consumption – kilowatt hours per tonne
Energy consumption – total megawatt hours

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Data corrections for 2014 and 2015 due to improvements in reporting integrity.
When normalised against production changes at business line level, the 2016 performance is 73.18 Kwh/tonne against a 2010 baseline of 73.68 Kwh/tonne, showing a reduction of 0.7%.

Target: Reduce energy use by five per cent per tonne of product based on 2010 baseline.