Waste and raw materials

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Our vision:

To be recognised as a responsible business which uses both raw materials and waste beneficially with a minimal impact on the environment.


Conserve natural resources by avoiding or reusing waste; develop products that have low embodied impacts.

Action plan:

Minimise waste and improve material efficiency and recycling as defined in the waste heirarchy; maximise production efficiency.

2020 targets:

Reduce non-process waste to landfill by 85 per cent; Increase cement replacements in concrete to 45 per cent; recycled aggregate in asphalt (excluding filler dust) to 10 per cent and concrete plants recycling surplus concrete to 95 per cent – all by 2020

Waste minimisation

We reduced waste to landfill by 50 per cent during the year, driven by big falls in cement, concrete and asphalt product lines  and a company-wide commitment to operate efficiently and recycle or reuse as much waste as possible. Read more

Materials efficiency and recycling

We have made positive progress against all our key metrics. Read more